Monday, September 3, 2012

Kenya MIGRATION Photo Safari AUGUST 2012

Greetings to all, we have just completed our first Migration Photo Safari in Kenya and the combination of the three parks once again did not disappoint.

After a night in Nairobi we headed off to Samburu Reserve for our first 4 nights. This reserve is a real gem with fantastic scenery and unique wildlife. Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk, Beisa Oryx and the incredibly beautiful Vulturine Guinea fowl provided us with fantastic photo opportunities. The local pride of Lions were seen everyday, and we were treated to a few hunts, cubs and a mating pair on the Buffalo Springs side of the reserve.

A leopard and a striped Hyaena were also seen, and we left with a bag full of great photos.

Next stop was Lake Nakuru, unusually full and most of the tracks to the lake edge are underwater, however we still found lots to photograph including Lions, Reticulated Giraffe and a good variety of water birds. Unfortunately the Flamingo's were not in their numbers, favouring the better feeding ground of Lake Baringo.

Our last stop was the Masai Mara, where we saw 3 crossings, 7 cheetah in one day, a beautiful female Leopard and a good number of Lions including the two sons of Notch, the famous BBC Big Cat Diary male Lion.

The scenery, was spectacular once again with beautiful sunrises and sunsets and this trip was one of the most productive trips yet.

Tomorrow we are off to the Mara again for the second Migration Photo Safari and I will be posting a report at the end.

Many thanks to our great guides, James, Mamai and Julius, without them we would not have got the opportunities we did - thanks guys !!

All the very best

Kindest regards


Grey Headed Gulls - Lake Nakuru

Great White Pelican - Lake Nakuru

Pied Kingfisher - Lake Nakuru

Cormorant - Lake Nakuru

Male Impala in rain - Lake Nakuru

Topi - Maasai Mara

Cloudscape - Maasai Mara

Elephant - Maasai Mara

Female Leopard - Maasai Mara

Cheetah with two cubs - Maasai Mara

Plains Zebra - Maasai Mara

Male Lion - Maasai Mara

Ostrich - Maasai Mara

Spotted Hyaena - Maasai Mara

Ruppells Griffon Vulture - Maasai Mara

Black Rhino - Maasai Mara

Lioness roaring - Maasai Mara

Lioness catching a vulture at her kill - Maasai Mara

Secretary Bird - Samburu Reserve

Topi running - Maasai Mara

Lioness and cub - Samburu Reserve

Sunset - Maasai Mara

Eland - Maasai Mara

Little Bee eater - Maasai Mara

Elephant - Samburu Reserve

Male Lion - Maasai Mara

Male Lion - Maasai Mara

Superb Starling - Samburu Reserve

Reticulated Giraffe - Samburu Reserve

Reticulated Giraffe - Samburu Reserve

Vulturine Guineafowl - Samburu Reserve

Lioness stalking - Samburu Reserve

Somali Ostrich - Samburu Reserve

Common Waterbuck - Samburu Reserve

Male Gerenuk - Samburu Reserve

Olive Baboon - Lake Nakuru

Lion in Forest - Lake Nakuru

Cheetah crossing the Talek River - Maasai Mara

Olive Baboon - Maasai Mara

Oryx and Reticulated Giraffe in Samburu Reserve

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