Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WILD4 Best of Kruger Plus BIG CATS photo safari - AUGUST 2011

As usual, August proved to be a busy month in the bush. The available water is getting less and less and the animals are congregating near the rivers and large dams. Predators are not far behind the big herds and this made for some interesting sightings.

Firstly, some sad news for all those folk that have met and photographed the 4 cheetahs at the Big Cat Reserve, Tequila, one of the females was run over in the car park in a freak accident and died shortly after. The two males, Floppy, Hunters and Ntombi the female are all still well though and the two males have been accepted by the female King Cheetah as she is on heat as I write this - holding thumbs.

The Kruger provided some real gems, a leopard dragging a kill up a tree and 16 Lion cubs on the S100 were some of the many amazing sightings.

Herewith, some photos from the last trip.

Enjoy !!

Look out for the next trip report which will be out of Kenya and the great migration.

Very best wishes to all


Leopard - Big Cat Reserve

Leopard - Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah with Impala kill - Big Cat Reserve

Caracal - Big Cat Reserve

Water Thick Knee - Kruger National Park

White Crowned Lapwing - Kruger National Park

Female Leopard with Impala Kill - Kruger National Park

Male Leopard with Impala Kill - Kruger National Park

Yellow Billed Storks - Kruger National Park

Grey Heron - Kruger National Park

Female Common Waterbuck - Kruger National Park

Elephant in the Olifants River - Kruger National Park

Elephant in the Olifants River - Kruger National Park

Tawny Eagle - Kruger National Park

Black Collared Barbet - Kruger National Park

Lilac Breasted Roller - Kruger National Park

Purple Roller - Kruger National Park

Black Headed Oriole - Kruger National Park

WILD4 Safari Vehicle - Kruger National Park

Dongo the Wilddog - Big Cat Reserve

Caracal Jumping at Sunset - Big Cat Reserve

Jaco, Norman, Bhubesi - Big Cat Reserve

Ntombi - Big Cat Reserve

Hunters with the King Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve

What do you see ?

Leopard at Sunrise - Big Cat Reserve

Leopard at Sunrise - Big Cat Reserve

Male Lion and cub - Big Cat Reserve

Cape Vulture - Forest Lodge extension

Puff Adder - Forest Lodge extension

Sungazer Lizard - Forest Lodge extension

Snouted Cobra - Forest Lodge extension