Saturday, February 9, 2013


The first photo tour of the year has just ended, Tanzania was the location and we were treated to some fantastic photo opportunities.

The first stop was Tarangire National Park, a beautiful park full of giant Baobab Trees, and Elephants, lots of Elephants !!!

We were also very lucky to see some of the resident Lions and a female with her three small cubs was a bonus.

The highlight for me though was our sighting of a Kori Bustard with its chick - a first for me and a wonderful experience.

Then it was off to the Ngorongoro Crater which was once again a great spectacle, lots of Black Rhinos this time - 11 in total. A young male lion stalking an injured Zebra and some great Time lapse sequences were some of the highlights.

Next stop was the central Serengeti where the big herds were absent as is normal at this time of year. We were treated though to some great photos of a female leopard and her two small cubs.

The final stop was the Ndutu area where we hoped to see some baby wildebeest calves. On our first day the migration herds were to the west and not present in the Ndutu area, however on the second day we woke up to find that the herds had arrived overnight and what a spectacle is was.. lots of young wildebeest calves, some births, cheetahs, a leopard with a kill and some good Lion action kept us busy for the last 6 nights of the safari.

Seeing these animals in their great numbers really is one of the most amazing sights in nature and I am looking forward to next years safari already !!

here are some photos and a short video clip - enjoy.

Kindest regards to all


Short Tour Movie

Time Lapse Videos from the safari

Morning grass - Tarangire

Kori Bustard and Chick - Tarangire

Cape Buffalo herd - Tarangire

Fiscal Shrike - Tarangire

Elephants - Tarangire

Female Impala - Tarangire

Elephants - Tarangire

Elephant and calf - Tarangire

Hybrid Lovebirds - Tarangire

Lioness with cubs - Tarangire

Lions under Baobab Tree - Tarangire

White Bellied Go-Away Bird - Tarangire

Sopa Lodge - Tarangire

Sunrise Baobab - Tarangire

Baobab Tree - Tarangire

Zebra - Ngorongoro Crater

Coke's Hartebeest - Ngorongoro Crater

Cape Buffalo - Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Zebra's Fighting - Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Grant's Gazelle - Ngorongoro Crater

Black Rhino - Ngorongoro Crater

Dwarf Mongoose - Serengeti

Leopard in tree - Serengeti

Grey Capped Social Weaver

Chetah cub running - Serengeti

Lion pride - Serengeti

Leopard with cub - Serengeti

Leopard cub - Serengeti

Flamingos - Serengeti lake Magadi

Zebra at sunrise - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Zebras running - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Spotted Hyaena in water - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Cheetah with 4 cubs - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Baby Wildebeest - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Sunrise at Lake Ndutu - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Migration Herds - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Leopard with White Stork kill - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Migration herds crossing Lake Ndutu - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Zebra running - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Lioness in the Marsh - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Young Wildebeest - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Rupell's Vulture - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Lion cub with big tummy - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Pregnant Spotted Hyeana - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Cheetah in grass - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Cheetah with Thompson's Gazelle - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Bat Eared Fox - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Morning in Ndutu - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Spotted Hyaena with carcass - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Young Male Lion - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Lions resting under a tree - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Thompson's Gazelle running - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Grant's Gazelle grooming - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)

Wildebeest running - Ndutu (Ngorongoro Conservation area)