Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LIONS & LEOPARDS of Mala Mala Photo Safari July 2012

Just back from our 2nd "Lions and Leopards of Mala Mala" Photo Safari for the 2012 season and once again we had an amazing amount of photo opportunities and a few special treats.

We began at the Big Cat Reserve with great sessions of the Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs and the Caracal. Ferassi the Hippo was seen on the grass at the swimming pool on our way to our rooms after dinner !

Kruger National Park was very active with general game, lots of Zebras, Giraffe and great Elephant herds. 4 Cheetahs, a Leopard with a zebra foal kill and a mating pair of Leopards resting in a tree as well as the Lion pride that frequents the Kumana Dam area made up our bonus Cat sightings.

Off to Mala Mala for the last leg of our tour and we were very chuffed to find that the Wilddog den was still active and the pups have grown amazingly quickly since our last photo safari a few weeks ago. The pups spent a lot of the time out of the den exploring and running around just as young puppys should !

We spent some time with the Bicycle crossing Male Leopard as well as with the female that we briefly saw on the last safari with her two tiny cubs. We enjoyed watching her cross through the Sand River.

The Styx pride and the Eyrefield pride had an altercation over a Buffalo kill and it was the Styx pride that backed down. Some of the Manyeleti males were present at the kill.

One of the Cheetah brothers we saw on the last safari was seen calling for his brother who might have been off following a female.

The real treat was to see 3 tiny lion cubs only a few weeks old, cubs of one of the Eyrefield Lionesses.

Here are a few photos, enjoy !!

Look out for the next trip report from our 3rd "Lions & Leopards of Mala Mala" photo safari which begins tomorrow !!

Many thanks again to Jaco our ranger at the Big Cat Reserve and to Gary, our ranger at Mala Mala.

Kindest regards,

The Wild4 Team

MOVIE TRAILER from the Photo Safari

A very pregnant Zebra - Kruger National Park

Mating Leopard pair in Kruger National Park

Giraffe - Kruger Park

Sunset near Satara - central Kruger Park

Spotted Hyaena - Kruger Park

The oldest female of the Styx Pride - Mala Mala

Bicycle Crossing Male Leopard marking territory - Mala Mala

Adult Wilddogs returning to the den after a hunt to regurgitate food for the pups

The Alpha male - Mala Mala

Pups playing with the ear of an antelope - Mala Mala

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Female Leopard crossing the Sand River - Mala Mala

Male Waterbuck drinking from the Sand River - Mala Mala

Lioness and cub from the Eyrefield Pride feeding on a Buffalo - Mala Mala

Lion cub - Mala Mala

One of the Eyrefield Lionesses with her tiny cubs - Mala Mala

African Hoopoe - Mala Mala

Zebra drinking - Mala Mala

Male Cheetah calling for his brother - Mala Mala

Lilac Breasted Roller - Mala Mala

Little Bee eater - Mala Mala

One of the Manyelethi Males - Mala Mala

Young Elephant chasing a Hammerkop - Mala Mala

Elephants dust bathing - Mala Mala

Elephants dust bathing - Mala Mala

Elephants crossing the Sand River - Mala Mala

Cape Hunting dog adult - Mala Mala

Cape Hunting dog Pup - Mala Mala

Cape Hunting Dog pup - Mala Mala

Cape Hunting Dog pup - Mala Mala

Cape Hunting Dog puppies - Mala Mala

One of the Manyelethi Males - Mala Mala

Male Lion and young Lioness - Big Cat Reserve

Impala jumping - Big Cat Reserve

Zebra drinking - Big Cat Reserve

Caracal - Big Cat Reserve

Female King Cheetah running - Big Cat Reserve

Cheetahs grooming - Big Cat Reserve

Caracal Jumping - Big Cat Reserve

Caracal with Guinea Fowl - Big Cat Reserve

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LIONS & LEOPARDS of Mala Mala Photo Safari June 2012

WE have just completed the first of our "Lions and Leopards of Mala Mala" Photo Safari. Our 4 nights in the Kruger National Park offered great opportunities with the general game species, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Buffalo, Impala, Kudu, a rare Sharpe's Grysbok and a number of bird species, not to mention a brief encounter with a Leopard and a 10 km walk with a Lioness.

Then we headed off for 3 nights at the Private Big Cat Reserve to photograph their Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs. One night just as we headed off to our rooms after dinner we were interrupted by Ntombi chasing an Impala through the camp which she subsequently managed to catch outside room 10 !! We stood in amazement as she wrestled with her prey meters from us. Once it was over she began to feed on the Impala and was joined by Teneray the young Caracal. Unusual photos of a Caracal at one end of the Impala and a cheetah at the other end were captured. Ntombi was surprisingly tolerant of the intruder.

More excitement followed at Mala Mala where we spent our final 3 nights. We had a pair of Cheetah brothers to ourselves for an entire afternoon and got some great sunset shots of them. The following day started with a visit to the Wilddog Den, a mating pair of leopards, a 3 week old Leopard cub and a Lioness with 3 cubs !!

We also had great fun shooting the first WILD4 GO PRO Movie Trailer - what a great piece of equipment and what a great place to use it !!!

Many thanks to Jaco for another amazing guiding experience at the Big Cat Reserve and to Gary, our awesome Ranger at Mala Mala !!

Here are a few of the photos and the GO PRO Movie Trailer , hope you enjoy them !!

Kindest regards from the Wild4 Team !


White Backed Vulture - Forest Camp Extension

Marabou Stork - Forest Camp Extension

Vultures at Sunset - Forest Camp Extension

Sungazer Lizard - Forest Camp Reptile Park extension

Lioness in the Kruger Park

Giraffe - Kruger Park

Sharpe's Grysbok - Kruger Park

Male Impala, Kruger Park

Greater Kudu - Kruger Park

Elephant, Giraffe and a Crocodile - Kruger Park

Giraffe - Kruger Park

Zebra - Kruger Park

Cape Buffalo - Kruger Park

Cape Buffalo fighting = Kruger Park

Caracal and Impala kill - Big Cat Reserve

Ntombi with her Impala Kill outside Room 10 - Big Cat Reserve

Ntombi and her Impala Kill - 15 second exposure and two flash bursts
capturing the same Cheetah twice

Two Cheetah Brothers at Mala Mala

Cheetah at sunset - Mala Mala

Cheetah at Sunset - Mala Mala

Wilddog pups - Mala Mala

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Leopards mating - Mala Mala

Scrib Hare at night - Mala Mala

Brown Headed Parrots - Mala Mala

Young Elephant - Mala Mala

Female Elephant - Mala Mala

Young Kudu Bull - Mala Mala

Wilddog pup - Mala Mala