Monday, July 25, 2011

LIONS & LEOPARDS Photo Safari July 2011 TRIP B

The second Lions & Leopards Photo Safari for this year has just ended and here are some of the photos.

Locations visited were :

Big Cat Reserve  - 3 nights
Gomo Gomo - 3 nights
Mala Mala - 3 nights
Kruger National Park - 4 nights at Satara Camp

These locations offer the best variety on offer from our South African photo safaris.

Many thanks again to Jaco, our ranger at the Big Cat Reserve, Ewan at Gomo and Yuri at Mala Mala.

A few of the highlights were:
- The Caracal at Sunset at the Big Cat Reserve
- The Lion pride at Gomo Gomo seen on every day, with the 4 cubs
- Following a female Leopard at Mala Mala for 5 hours
- two White Rhinos that ran next to our car in the Kruger National Park

Many thanks again to Murray, Jenny, Trevor and Maureen for joining us on safari - until the next time :)


Look out for the August Best of Kruger plus big cats photo safari coming soon.

Very best wishes from the wild4 team.


Cheetah in water - Big Cat Reserve

Leopard silhouette - Big Cat Reserve

Lion cub - Big Cat Reserve

Bhubesi the lion and his friend Norman

Caracal - Big Cat Reserve

Male Lion - Big Cat Reserve

White Headed Vulture - Big Cat Reserve

Cape Vulture and Lappet Faced Vulture - Big Cat Reserve

Cape Buffalo - Gomo Gomo

Male Lion - Kruger National Park

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Lioness & cub - Gomo Gomo

Impala silhouette - Mala Mala

Wildebeest motion - Kruger National Park

Bush fire - Kruger National Park

Male Lion - Mala Mala

White Rhino motion - Kruger National Park

Burchells Zebra - Kruger National Park

Juvenile African Harrier Hawk - Kruger National Park

Kori Bustard - Kruger National Park

Bushpig - Big Cat Reserve

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Lappet Faced Vultures - Kruger National Park

Lion cubs - Mala Mala

Kudu Bull - Kruger National Park

King Cheetah motion - Big Cat Reserve

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Bull Elephant - Kruger National Park

Yellow Billed Stork pulling Crocodile's tail - Kruger National Park

Male Leopard - Kruger National Park

Grey Go-Away bird - Kruger National Park

Southern Giraffe - Kruger National Park

Bull Elephant - Kruger National Park

Southern Ground Hornbill - Kruger National Park

Male Common Waterbuck - Kruger National Park

Elephant Herd - Kruger National Park

White Fronted Bee eater - Kruger National Park

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LIONS & LEOPARDS Photo Safari July 2011 TRIP A

Just back from a fantastic June Photo Safari which took in all the best locations that we offer,
Kruger National Park, The Big Cat Reserve, Private Reserves, Gomo Gomo and Mala Mala as well as the 2 night Forest Lodge extension - this is the best variety on offer from our South African Photo safaris.

Many thanks to our Rangers, Jaco, Ewan and Kurt and the staff at all the locations for looking after us and helping to create a very memorable photo safari.

There were many highlights, but perhaps the top highlight was a male Leopard kill at Mala Mala. After suffocating the female Nyala antelope the male Leopard was robbed of his hard earned prize by 4 Hyaenas. He still managed to steal some of it back and we caught up with him in the super morning light finishing off his meal.

All the best from the WILD4 team, until next time.


Leopard, Kruger National Park

Burchell's Zebra, Kruger National Park

Cape Buffalo, Kruger National Park

Male Impala fighting, Kruger National Park

Lilac Breasted Roller, Kruger National Park

Cape Buffalo, Kruger National Park

White Rhino & Calf, Kruger National Park

Burchells Zebra, Kruger National Park

African Fish Eagle, Kruger National Park

Elephants, Kruger National Park

African Wilddog, Big Cat Reserve

Photographing the Cheetah at the Big Cat Reserve

Female Leopard, Big Cat Reserve

Cape Buffalo, Mala Mala

Male Lion and cub, Big Cat Reserve

Male Leopard, - Mala Mala

Red Billed Ox Peckers, Mala Mala

Male Leopard, Big Cat Reserve

Zebra, Mala Mala

Male Leopard, Big Cat Reserve

Male Lion, Mala Mala

Leopard Cubs, Gomo Gomo

Sunrise, Gomo Gomo

Spotted Hyaena, Mala Mala

Lioness, Gomo Gomo

Caracal, Big Cat Reserve

Leopard cub, Mala Mala

Cheetah and crocodile, Big Cat Reserve

the "Team" , Toni, Anne and Jane

Leopard at sunset, Big Cat Reserve

Male Leopard with the Nyala kill, Mala Mala

Male Lion with Wildebeest Kill, Mala Mala

Spotted Hyaena that stole the Leopards kill, Mala Mala

Young male Kudu, Mala Mala

Vulture take off, Forest Lodge extension

Crocodile, Big Cat Reserve

Male Lion with wildebeest kill, Mala Mala

Vultures, Forest Lodge extension

Side Striped Jackal on kill, Mala Mala

White Backed Vulture, Forest Lodge extension

Tawny Eagle on wildebeest kill, Mala Mala

Marabou Storks, Forest Lodge extension

Burrowing Scorpion, Forest Lodge extension

Thick Tailed Scorpion, Forest Lodge extension

Black Mamba, Forest Lodge extension

Juvenile Boomslang, Forest Lodge extension

Veiled Chameleon, Forest Lodge extension