Monday, August 5, 2013

Tailor Made Photo Safari - JULY 2013 REPTILES, VULTURES and the BIG CAT RESERVE

This Tailormade tour included two full days at the reptile park, once again many thanks to Donald, Damien and Ilse for all your help in expanding the scope of subjects for the shoot. Thanks also to Kate at the Forest Camp for another great Vulture photo shoot, the weather was just perfect !!

The last 4 nights were spent at the Big Cat Reserve where again we had time to expand on the normal program and reshoot the subjects in different situations. Thanks a million to Richard our guide and all the staff at the Big cat reserve !!

Thanks also to Bob & Ben for coming on the safari - looking forward to seeing your photos from the Shark experience in Cape Town !!


Flat Rock Scorpion

Green Mambas mating

White Backed Vulture

Cape Griffon Vulture

Veiled Chameleon

Black Mamba

Skin detail of a Yellow Rat Snake

The deadly Black Widow Spider

Leopard running


Caracal at Sunset

King Cheetah

The Cheetah Brothers, Floppy and Hunters

Jabula the leopard

Jabula the leopard

Male Lion


Caracal reflection

Caracal jumping

Leopard in tree


Young Male Lion

African Wild Cat