Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2010 Tailor Made Photo Safari trip report

This trip was a tailor made photo safari which included the best mix of what we have to offer. 3 nights at the Big Cat Reserve, 4 nights at a Private Lodge and 4 nights in the Kruger National park which still proves to be the best location for general game as well as great bird photography.

Lesser Bush Baby - Klaserie Reserve
 Chacma Baboons - Kruger National Park
  Cape Honey Badger - Satara Camp, Kruger National Park
 Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve
 Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve
 Crocodile - Big Cat Reserve
 Elephant herd drinking - Klaserie Reserve
 Elephants - Kruger National Park
 Small Spotted Genet - Klaserie Reserve
 Elephants - Klaserie Reserve
 Lion Pride - Klaserie Reserve
 The two pride males in the Klaserie Reserve
 Green Woodhoopoes - Klaserie Reserve - Gomo Gomo Lodge
 Spotted Hyaena with Python Carcass - Kruger National park
 Two male Impalas "allogrooming" - Kruger National Park
 King Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve
 Male Leopard - Big Cat Reserve
 Male Leopard - Big Cat Reserve

Martial Eagle - Kruger National Park 

Lilac Breasted Roller - Kruger National Park 
 Yellow Billed Stork - Kruger National Park
 Sunset - Klaserie Reserve
 Tawny Eagle - Klaserie Reserve
Female Common Waterbuck running - Kruger National park