Thursday, September 26, 2013


The Kenya migration photo safari has just ended and all locations visited provided some wonderful photo opportunities.

This safari still offers the best variety in both species and habitat diversity out of the safaris that we do and the last stop in the Masai Mara provided us with a good migration experience with a total of 5 river crossings, good lion, cheetah and leopard and much more.

Our first stop was Samburu Reserve where we encountered the usual suspects such as Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe, Beisa Oryx and the beautiful Vulturine Guinea fowl.

Next stop was lake Nakuru which is now very flooded so apart from the usual sightings of White and Black Rhino as well as a striped Hyaena, we decided to spend the day at Lake Bogoria where there were good numbers of Flamingos.

Finally on to the Masai Mara for the migration. We were lucky to have a good crossing on the first day which is always a relief as it opens up time to go and look for the famous cheetah and Lions of the Mara, both of which we saw a lot of and spent many hours photographing.

Many thanks to our guides, James, Julius and Silas who worked extremely hard to find us animals and drive us around these beautiful east african parks, we all appreciated your tireless energy on the long days out with us photographers.

Here are some photos from the trip - enjoy...

the 2014 migration photo safari has limited spaces left so if you are interested then please enquire soon.

Warm regards from the Wild4 team.


Impala and baby - Samburu

Elephants  - Samburu

Dik Dik - Samburu

Leopard - Samburu

Martial Eagle - Samburu

Elephants crossing the Ewaso Nyiro River - Samburu

Grey Headed Kingfisher - Samburu

Leopard - Samburu

Lions eating an Impala - Samburu

Palmnut Vulture - Samburu

Gerenuk - Samburu

Gerenuk - Samburu

Male Lion  - Samburu

Male Lion - Samburu

Greater Flamingo - Lake Nakuru

Flamingoes - Lake Bogoria

Spurwing Lapwing - Lake Bogoria

Lesser Flamingoes - Lake Bogoria

Children running in water at  - Lake Bogoria

 - Lake Bogoria

Impala - Lake Nakuru

Wildebeest crossing - Masai Mara

Black Shouldered Kite - Masai Mara

Waterbuck - Masai Mara

Leopard - Masai Mara

Leopard - Masai Mara

Malachite Kingfisher - Masai Mara

Wildebeest at sunset - Masai Mara

Crocodile and Wildebeest - Masai Mara

Wildebeest running - Masai Mara

Thompsons Gazelle with new born - Masai Mara

Baby Masai Giraffe - Masai Mara

Little Bee eater - Masai Mara

lilac Breasted Roller - Masai Mara

Masai Giraffe - Masai Mara

Zebras - Masai Mara

lions  - Masai Mara

Lions  - Masai Mara

Three Cheetahs  - Masai Mara

Cheetahs  - Masai Mara

Spotted Hyaenas - Masai Mara

Cheetahs playing - Masai Mara

Little Bee eater  - Masai Mara

hippos - Masai Mara

Male Lion - Masai Mara

Jackal and Vultures - Masai Mara

mating pair of Lions - Masai Mara

Spotted Hyaena drinking - Masai Mara

Eland - Masai Mara

juvenile Saddle Billed Stork - Masai Mara

Lions watching Topi - Masai Mara

Male Lion  - Masai Mara