Thursday, October 13, 2011

OCTOBER 2011 - Lions & Leopards of MALA MALA photo safari

Hi all,

Here are some photos from the latest photo safari to the Big Cat Reserve, Gomo Gomo and Mala Mala. The first rains of the season fell whilst we were at the Big Cat Reserve and the bush has already begun to sprout its first green shoots.

Exciting news out of the reserve is that Malutka - Becky's calf, has produced a baby boy. We were lucky to see the baby elephant on his first day of life at the big cat reserve.

The Ross pride at Gomo Gomo was seen every day and we learned of the sad news that the female with the dislocated hip had killed and eaten 3 new cubs, one of which was a rare white lion. She must be struggling to keep up with the pride on their hunts and eats whatever she can to survive. The two other cubs we saw earlier in the year are still doing well.

Mala Mala produced a fantastic leopard experience with a mating pair joined by a young female who seemed very curious about the whole thing. We saw these leopards everyday and got some fantastic shots.

All 4 of the Manyeleti Males were seen as well as the Styx Pride and 3 of the Eyrefield lionesses.

Many thanks to our rangers - Doug (Big Cat Reserve), Ewan (Gomo) and Ryan (Mala Mala) for your patience and hard work :) it is greatly appreciated...

Enjoy !!

The final trip for this season will be to the Big Cat Reserve and the Kruger National Park - look out for the trip report.

Warmest regards to everyone


Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve

White Backed Vulture - Forest Camp Extension

Ntombi with the remains of an Impala kill - Big Cat Reserve

Blacksmith Lapwing - Mala Mala

Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve

Cheetahs - Big Cat Reserve

Malutka, Becky and the new arrival - Big Cat Reserve

Male Lion - Gomo Gomo

The Ross pride - Gomo Gomo

Hyaena with the remains of the Leopards kill - Gomo Gomo

Young Leopard - Gomo Gomo

Dwarf Mongoose - Gomo Gomo

Magpie Shrike - Gomo Gomo

Two of the Manyeleti males - Mala Mala

Leopards mating - Mala Mala

Female Leopard drinking - Mala Mala

Lions drinking - Mala Mala

The beautiful Sand River flowing through Mala Mala

Water Monitor Lizard - Mala Mala

Male Lion shaking - Mala Mala

Leopard at night - Mala Mala

Leopards mating at night - Mala Mala

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Leopard - Mala Mala

The Styx pride - Mala Mala

Leopards mating - Mala Mala

Female Leopard in the Sand River - Mala Mala

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Lioness yawning - Mala Mala

Lions greeting - Mala Mala

Elephant arriving at the sand river for a drink - Mala Mala

Female Leopard - Mala Mala

Saddle Billed Storks - Mala Mala

Grey Go-Away bird - Mala Mala

Elephant - Mala Mala

Cape Buffalo at night - Mala Mala

Leopard at sunset - Mala Mala