Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 KENYA MIGRATION Photo Safari with Lake Nakuru and Samburu - September

Just back from the annual Kenya Migration photo safari. This safari never disappoints, we had a good deal of action and great photo opportunities and although most of the migration herds had headed south towards Tanzania, we still had one of the best river crossings yet. An hour of drama at the Mara River, crocodiles and crazy wildebeest is a sight you never forget and it was a great way to end our time in the Mara.

We continued North to Lake Nakuru, still rather full at the moment but it did provide some extra photo opportunities and experiences. We still managed to see Black & White Rhino, Rothschild Giraffe and a Leopard !!. Finally we ended up in Samburu where the river was at its lowest that I have seen.   It is still a great location with good elephant, birds and the "unusual" Beisa Oryx, Grevy's Zebra, Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe and a special sighting of a Striped Hyaena !!

Thanks very much to all the staff at the Lodges we stayed at, especially Ashnil Camp in the Mara and everyone at Mara Bush Camp.

A huge thanks to our guides, James, Silas and Julius - for being so patient with us photographers and for all the tough driving - it is always greatly appreciated.

And a huge thanks to our participants, Pierre, Martin, Alan, Linda and Marian, thanks for coming on the safari with us, it was a pleasure to have shared the special moments with you..

Here are a few photos from the trip - enjoy

Warm regards

Stu & the Wild4 team....

Male Lion


Female Cheetah near Rekero

Cape Buffalo with young calf

Young Spotted Hyaena

Hippo and Zebra at the Talek River

Young Black Backed Jackal pup

Grant's Gazelle

Lions greet each other

Male Lion

Cubs play with a female

Cape Buffalo

Lion cub

Malaika with her 5 cubs

The female Leopard near Olare Orok River

The female Leopard near Olare Orok River

Eland Bull

Thompson's Gazelle and baby

Male Cheetah Yawn

Martial Eagle

Elephant with Calf


Lion cub

Male Lion

Lions resting in the midday heat

"Flehmen response"

Female Elephant

Bat Eared Fox

Zebra get a fright at the Mara River

River Crossing

16 Giraffe near Entim

Elephants and Rainbow

Rothschild Giraffe - Lake Nakuru

Rothschild Giraffe - Lake Nakuru

Cattle Egret - Lake Nakuru

Pelicans - Lake Nakuru

Beisa Oryx - Samburu

Dwarf Mongoose - Samburu

Kori Bustard - Samburu

Young Grevy's Zebra - Samburu

Grevy's Zebra - Samburu

Scrub Hare - Samburu

D'Arnauds Barbets - Samburu

Shining Sunbird - Samburu

Eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk - Samburu

Striped Hyaena - Samburu

Reticulated Giraffe - Samburu

Northern Yellowbilled Hornbill

Female Von der Decken's Hornbill

African Silverbills

White-bellied Go-away-bird - Samburu

Kenyan Rock Agamas

Male Gerenuk

Grey Crowned Cranes - Samburu

Golden Breasted Starling - Samburu