Sunday, June 19, 2011

LEOPARDS OF MALA MALA Photo Safari - South Africa

Mala Mala Game Reserve is considered the best place on earth to see & photograph Leopards in the wild and their impressive sightings record proves this.

On our June photo safari we spent 3 nights at Mala Mala and had a total of 6 different leopard sightings during our stay.

Of course not every sighting offers fantastic photo opportunities, but with 6 different sightings to choose from we did get some great photos.

The most impressive thing about these Leopards is that they are extremely relaxed with the safari vehicles which allows you to get really close to them and enjoy watching their behaviour from only a few meters away.

In my opinion there is no other place like it and if it is Leopards you want then Mala Mala is the answer.

The reserve is also extremely beautiful with varied lansdscapes, most impressive of all is the great Sand River that flows through the property. This offers a haven for many animals, not just Leopards.

Tours and dates for 2012 are already available so book now not to miss out on one of only 3 photographer spaces on a private safari vehicle, specially kitted out with photo platforms for each photographer. This allows for easy and comfortable shooting from an open safari vehicle - it is also the only system of its kind currently in use by a photo safari company. See the video section on the blog.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our photo safaris to MALA MALA.

Warm regards


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Friday, June 17, 2011

JUNE 2011 Photo Safari - Kruger, Mala Mala, Big Cat Reserve

Many thanks to Slim & Barbara for making their 6th photo safari with WILD4 !!

What another super tailor made safari we had, broken down into 6 nights in the Kruger Park at Satara Camp, followed by 3 nights at MALA MALA where we had some of the best Leopard sightings yet !!, then back to Kruger for 4 nights at Bergendal in the south where we were lucky to watch how quickly vultures can devour a male Kudu - recorded time of 1 hr 30 mins - just bones were left.

Finally we spent 3 nights at the Big Cat Reserve where we enjoyed shooting the Cheetah, Leopard and a new Caracal !!

Many thanks to Kurt, our ranger at Mala Mala and Jaco, our ranger at the Big Cat Reserve, especially for arranging the Caracal shoot at sunset !!

All the very best to everyone and warm regards from the WILD4 team.

Next trip begins on Monday so look out for the June / July trip report to follow soon.

Cheers for now


Caracal at sunset - Big Cat Reserve

Zebra running, Satara, Kruger Park

Hyaena, Kruger National Park

Egyptian Goose, Kruger National Park

Male Greater Kudu, Kruger National Park

Impala drinking at Girivana, Kruger Park

Giraffe, Kruger Park

Kori Bustard, Kruger Park

Female Leopard, Mala Mala

Female Leopard, Mala Mala

Caracal jumping, Big Cat Reserve

Impala and Wildebeest, Kruger Park

Female Greater Kudu, Kruger Park

African Harrier Hawk, Kruger Park

Common Waterbuck drinking, Kruger Park

Sunrise, Kruger Park

Chacma Baboon, Kruger Park

Cheetah, Mala Mala

Burchell's Coucal, Kruger Park

African Hawk Eagle, Mala Mala

Female leopard, Mala Mala

Little Bee Eater, Kruger Park

Hippo, Big Cat Reserve

Marabou Stork, Kruger Park

Wooly Necked Stork, Kruger Park

Crocodile, Big Cat Reserve with off camera flash

Baboon being dive bombed by Blacksmith Lapwing, Kruger Park

Full Moon

Impala, Mala Mala

Male Leopard, Big Cat Reserve 
Cheetah stalking warthog in Kruger Park

Impala running, Mala Mala

Cheetah, Mala Mala

Lions drinking at night, Mala Mala

White Rhino and baby, Kruger Park

Mating Pair of Leopards, Mala Mala

Male Lion, Kruger Park

Black Crake, Kruger Park

Malachite Kingfisher, Kruger Park

White Backed Vultures, Kruger Park

Caracal, Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah, Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah's grooming, Mala Mala

Cheetah, Big Cat Reserve

Elephant and Fork Tailed Drongo

A rare White headed Vulture, Kruger Park