Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BEST of KRUGER & BIG CATS photo safari - AUGUST 2010

The August "Best of Kruger and Big Cats" Photo Safari has just ended and here is a selection of photos from the trip.
By far the most diverse safari yet with clients coming from Belgium, the UK, Australia, Norway and the USA !! We were treated to some fantastic sightings during our 10 night stay in the Kruger National Park, including 34 White Rhino and 11 Leopards !! As usual, the Big Cat Reserve served as an excellent training ground and the Lion, Leopard and Cheetah experiences and photo opportunities were outstanding.

The 2 night Forest Lodge extension proved once again to be a success - who said photographing Reptiles is not fun !! ?? :)

All the very best from the Wild4 team, until next time,

Cheers for now


Cheetah - Big Cat Reserve

White Rhino - Kruger National Park

African Wilddog - Kruger National Park

Tiger Snake - Reptile Park

Sungazer Lizard - Reptile Park

Male Leopard - Big Cat Reserve

Wildebeest Running - Kruger National Park

Cape Buffalo - Big Cat Reserve

Two Male Elephant - Kruger National Park

A very rare Narina Trogon - Forest Lodge

Green Mamba - Reptile Park

Male Leopard - Big Cat Reserve

White Backed Vulture landing - Forest Lodge

Vervet Monkey - Kruger National Park

Dwarf Chameleon - Reptile Park

Mozambique Spitting Cobra - Reptile Park

Saddle Billed Stork, Kruger National Park

Female Leopard - Kruger National Park

Lilac Breasted Roller in flight - Kruger National park

Male Lion & cub - Big Cat Reserve

Black Mamba - Reptile Park

Marabou Storks fighting - Forest Lodge

Cheetah jumping - Big Cat Reserve