Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 2010 Photo Safaris - a selection of images

The heavy rains at the end of April certainly had an effect on the condition of the bush and the May Safaris produced an unusual collection of photographs with lush green backgrounds. Southern Kruger was particulary green but central Kruger around Satara Camp was more typical of this time of year with the grass turning yellow as Autumn sets in.

Cheetah at Big Cat Reserve

Hippos at Sunset Dam, Kruger Park

Elephants fighting at Nsemani Dam near Satara

Chameleon feeding, Reptile Park

Lilac Breasted Roller in flight, Kruger Park

Leopard in an Apple Leaf Tree on the Timbavati River, Kruger Park

Lioness on the S100 near Satara, Kruger Park

Lioness in tree, Kruger Park

Marabou Stork at Sunset, Forest Lodge Extension

Flat Rock Scorpion under ultra violet light, Reptile Park

African Wilddog, Big Cat Reserve

Swainson's Spur Fowl, Kruger Park

Common Waterbuck family, Kruger Park

Yellow Billed Stork with fish, Kruger Park

Bateleur Eagle Eating Terrapin, Kruger Park

Yellow Billed Hornbills, Kruger Park

Running Zebra, Kruger Park