Thursday, September 29, 2011

SEPTEMBER 2011 - Best of Kruger Plus Big Cats Photo Safari

Hi all,

Herewith some photos from the September photo safari.

There was a change in the weather, as is expected at this time of year, no more very cold mornings like we experienced in June July and August. Temperatures tend to fluctuate quite a lot at this time and our hottest day reached 36 deg C. The coolest was 21 deg C.

As usual this time of year creates pressure on the animals as water sources dry out and the animals are forced to the big rivers or dams. This is of course where the predators hang out. The existing record of 86 different lions seen on one safari was broken :) and it now stands at 102 !!

Near Satara in central Kruger, we were lucky to catch up with the S100 mega pride - now at 27 individuals, most of which are cubs.

The Big Cat Reserve proved to be good fun and the cheetahs are now quite used to going out on a hunt as you drive with them. Ntombi almost caught a warthog piglet but the female warthog stepped in and chased all of them off.

The Rhino poaching problem continues to plague the country, especially the Kruger area and a decision was made by the owners of the big cat reserve to dehorn all of their 14 Rhinos. A Rhino is not the same without its horn, but hopefully it will help to protect the species.

Other than than, enjoy the photos !!

Next trip report will be the LIONS & LEOPARDS of MALA MALA photo safari

Very best wishes

The WILD4 Team

Male Nyala - Forest Camp extension

Karoo the Caracal - Big Cat Reserve

Spotted Bush Snake eating Tree Frog

Bhubesi the Lion cub - Big Cat Reserve

Bhubesi the Lion cub - Big Cat Reserve

Nyala drinking - Forest Camp extension

King Cheetah running - Big Cat Reserve

Red Billed Hornbill

Male Lion and Cub - Big Cat Reserve

Lioness and cubs - Big Cat Reserve

Ntombi chasing the warthog - Big Cat Reserve

Warthog chasing Hunters - Big Cat Reserve

Zebra - Kruger Park

African Harrier Hawk - Kruger Park

Grey Heron - Kruger Park

Lions - Kruger Park

Impala fighting - Kruger Park

Zebra and Wildebeest drinking - Kruger Park

Elephants - Kruger Park

Buffalo running in water - Kruger Park

Cheetahs - Big Cat Reserve

Male Elephant - Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah at sunset - Big Cat Reserve

Leopard at Sunrise - Big Cat Reserve

Ntombi - Big Cat Reserve

Female Leopard - Big Cat Reserve

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