Saturday, June 16, 2012

JUNE 2012 - Best of KRUGER plus BIG CATS Photo Safari

The first Best of Kruger plus Big Cats photo safari has just ended and here are some of the photos.

There were some great sightings, elephants swimming (quite cold at this time of year !!) Lions on a buffalo Kill near Satara Camp, Cheetahs near Lower Sabie and great birdlife.

Nkaya pan near Satara is still very full, quite unusual for this pan but it will be a great place to visit on upcoming tours. Other waterholes and pans have dried up already, but there is still plenty of water in the dams and rivers.

The Big Cat Reserve proved to be a great success once again, a new Caracal stole the show at sunset and the Lions cheetahs and Leopards all offered some great shots.

Enjoy !!

Kindest regards

Stu and the WILD4 Team

Caracal at sunset, Big Cat Reserve

Elephants swimming at Shitlave Dam, western Kruger

Elephant swimming

Kilpspringer, Kruger Park

Yellow Billed Stork at Sunset Dam, Kruger Park

African Jacana, Kruger Park

Cape Buffalo, Kruger Park

Two Cheetah brothers south of Lower Sabie Camp, Kruger Park

Panning Zebras, Kruger Park

Female Impala, Kruger Park

Giraffe and Zebra at Clydes Pan, Kruger Park

Giraffe and Warthog, Kruger

Zebra drinking, Kruger

Female Bateleur Eagle in flight, Kruger

Male Impala drinking, Kruger

Yellow Billed Storks and full moon, Kruger

Leopard, Kruger Park

Pied Kingfisher, Kruger Park

Hippo running into water, Kruger Park

Chacma Baboon, Kruger Park

Chacma Baboon - Kruger park

Lower Sabie Petrol Station - full moon and red flashlight

Egyptian Geese, Kruger park

Male Lion chasing off Jackal at the Buffalo kill near Satara, Kruger Park

Male Lion feeding on Buffalo Kill, Kruger Park

Zebras, Kruger Park

Greater Kudu, Kruger Park

Spotted Hyaena, Kruger Park

Male Lion, Kruger Park

Juvenile Martial Eagle, Kruger Park

Hippo with a piece of wood in its mouth, Nkaya pan, Kruger Park

Cape Buffalo drinking, Kruger Park

Elephant splashing, Nkaya Pan, Kruger Park

Elephants drinking, Kruger Park

Elephant drinking, Kruger Park

Swainson's Spurfowl at sunset, Kruger Park

Caracal, Big Cat Reserve

Caracal, Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah, Big Cat Reserve

Lions at the Big Cat Reserve

Young lion snarling, Big Cat Reserve

Collared Sunbird, Forest Camp extension

Bearded Dragon, Reptile Park extension

Iguana eye detail, Reptile Park extension

Flap Necked Chameleon, Reptile Park extension

Puff Adder, Reptile Park extension

Boomslang - Reptile Park Extension

Cheetah, Big Cat Reserve

King Cheetah, Big Cat Reserve

African Wilddog, Big Cat Reserve

Male Lion, Big Cat Reserve

Caracal, Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah, Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah and Hippo at Big Cat Reserve