Saturday, June 16, 2012

WILD 4 KRUGER PARK Tailor Made photo safari MAY 2012

A short tailor made photo safari was held in May and it was great to be back in Kruger again. The colours of the bush are at their most beautiful at this time of year and the good rains that were experienced this past rainy season have resulted in some great photographic opportunities at the remaining waterholes.

An interesting highlight was finding a female leopard inside the camp at Lower Sabie - we reported it to the rangers who tried to flush it out but had no luck during the day. That night when the night drive returned to camp they found the leopard walking around the parking area and they managed to carefully steer it out of the gate and back to freedom :)

Enjoy and best wishes to all

Stu and the Wild4 team

Female Saddle Billed Stork on the Nwatimhiri road

Wildebeest drinking

White Rhino

The female Leopard inside Lower Sabie Camp

Elephant herd drinking

Giraffe drinking

Zebra drinking

Young Hippos playing

Yellow Billed Stork at Sunset Dam near Lower Sabie

Crocodile with fish at sunset dam near Lower Sabie

Lilac Breasted Roller

Male Bushbuck in the Sabie Riverbed

Chacma Baboon jumping

Elephant herd crossing the Sabie River

Reeds at sunset - sabie river

Bateleur Eagle

Burchells starling

Natal Francolin / Spurfowl

Cape Turtle Dove in flight

Grey Go-Away Bird

Young male Impala drinking

Young Common Waterbuck

Giraffe bending to drink


Southern Ground Hornbill tossing a grasshopper

Water Thick Knee

White Crowned Lapwing

African Elephant drinking

Chacma Baboon

Two male Lions, one with a milky eye, Lower Sabie

Lions crossing the Lower Sabie Bridge

Lappet Faced vulture coming in to land

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