Friday, February 10, 2012

TANZANIA PHOTO SAFARI Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti - Feb 2012

This trip lived up to all expectations and more. The sightings were amazing, lots of predator action, Lions and Cheetahs on multiple kills and a very special and rare sighting of a Striped Hyaena and cub.

We spent a full day in the Crater on the way to the Serengeti and our first sighting of the tour was Lions on a buffalo carcass surrounded by 30 plus Spotted Hyaenas. Luckily for the Lions the two big males were present and the Hyaenas stayed their distance.

We then moved on to the central Serengeti in the area of the famed Kopjes, rocky granite outcrops that epitomise the Serengeti landscape. We had a most beautiful sighting of a big male lion on one of the outcrops with a very friendly agama lizard that climbed all over the lion as he slept. We had leopard sightings every day.

Our second camp was in the south, located near the Ndutu Lake in the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Off road driving is allowed here and this allowed us to get really close to the animals.

Here are a few photos from the tour. The same trip will be running in 2013 so let us know if you are interested as space is limited to only 6 participants.

All the very best


Movie Trailer of the Photo Safari

Ngorongoro Crater View Point

Crater at night from Sopa Lodge

Male Lion in the Crater

Olive Baboons foraging in the Crater

Spotted Hyaena chasing a Jackal with an Abdims Stork Carcass

Zebras resting - Crater

Black Rhino with Flamingoes in the background - Crater

Spotted Hyaena running - Crater

European Roller - Ndutu Area

Elephants at Sunset -Ndutu Area

Lioness - Ndutu Area

Lioness drinking - Ndutu Area

Lion pride - Ndutu Area

Lion cubs playing - Ndutu Area

Tawny Eagle - Ndutu Area

Striped Hyaena - Ndutu Area

Vultures - Central Serengeti

Lappet Faced Vulture - Central Serengeti

Lions resting - Central Serengeti

Leopard in tree - Central Serengeti

Bat Eared Foxes - Central Serengeti

Hippos at the Hippo pools picnic site - Central Serengeti

Spotted Hyaena running - central Serengeti

Black Backed Jackal pup with feather - central Serengeti

Black Backed Jackal pup playing - central Serengeti

Grey Backed Fiscal Shrike - Central Serengeti

Male Lion on Rocky Outcrop - central Serengeti

Sunset - central Serengeti

Lions fighting over a zebra kill - central Serengeti

Lappet Faced Vulture bringing nesting material - central Serengeti

Lion stalking Hartebeest - central Serengeti

Leopard resting - central Serengeti

Lilac Breasted Roller - central Serengeti

Black Winged Stilt - central Serengeti

Cape Teal - central Serengeti

Egyptian Geese - central Serengeti

Male Impala - central Serengeti

Pin Tailed Wydah - central Serengeti

Zebras - central Serengeti

3 male Cheetahs on a Zebra kill - Ndutu Area

Cheetahs feeding on the Zebra kill - Ndutu Area

Lioness in tree - Ndutu Area

Spotted Hyaena in water at sunset - Ndutu Area

Kori Bustard in display - Ndutu Area

Zebras drinking - Ndutu Area

Female Cheetah - Ndutu Area

Female Cheetah - Ndutu Area

Lioness and cubs - Ndutu Area

Striped Hyaena and cub - Ndutu Area

European Roller - Ndutu Area

Sunset - Ndutu Area