Friday, August 17, 2012


Here are a few photos from the latest Photo Safari, the last one for a while in South Africa !

We had great opportunities at the Big Cat Reserve, but sadly we found out that the Caracal Teneray, had been killed by a Leopard, along with Prince the old Labrador. Very sad to hear about, but they do share the reserve with other wild animals.

Thanks again to Jaco, our guide at the Big Cat Reserve - another awesome one Jaco !!

The Kruger National Park has dried up considerably since our last tour and it looks like it is going to get very dry before the rains hopefully come again in late Sept / Oct.

The highlight of the tour and perhaps for the season as far as rare sightings go, would be the 30 mins or so we spent with a Pangolin (see video) many thanks to Guy for spotting this incredible creature !!

I will be off to Kenya for a whole month running two trips back to back, look out for a BLOG post in just over two weeks time.

Kindest regards



White Backed Vulture

Leopard starburst - Big Cat Reserve

Male Leopard - Jabula, Big Cat Reserve

Young Lioness, Big Cat Reserve

Red Billed Hornbill, Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah brothers, Floppy and Hunters, Big Cat reserve

Floppy and Hunters with their Impala Kill - Big Cat Reserve

A rarely seen Pangolin (Spiny Ant Eater) - Kruger Park

African Fish Eagle taking off - Kruger Park

Grey Heron riding on the back of a Hippo - Kruger Park

Egyptian Goose in flight, Kruger Park

Purple Roller perched - Kruger Park

Sunset - Kruger Park

Cheetah marking territory - Kruger Park

Impala and Crocodiles, Kruger Park

Laughing Dove, Kruger Park

Glossy Starling, Kruger Park

Lioness with face full of Porcupine Quills - Kruger Park

Two Magpie Shrikes, Kruger Park

Two of the 8 Lion cubs seen near Lower Sabie

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