Saturday, June 29, 2013

JUNE 2013 MALA MALA photo safari

Here are a few photos from a 4 night stay at Mala Mala in June 2013. We were treated to sightings of all the big cats. Unfortunately the 4 cheetah brothers that were seen together a few years ago are now down to only one ! and he was walking with a limp when we saw him up at Clarendon.

We spent a good deal of time with the Eyrefield pride and saw them everyday. They were on a killing spree, finishing off a Buffalo then taking down a wildebeest and on our last morning they killed a baby buffalo in the sand river.

Another very special treat was to see the Tamboti Female Leopard with her two cubs !! they are already very relaxed around the vehicles and a rare sighting indeed - thanks must go to master ranger - Pieter for finding them in a very hidden place !!

Many thanks to the staff at Mala Mala and to Matt Nolden, Noldy !! our ranger who got us into the most amazing position for the photos of the Eyrefield pride in the Sand River, thanks Noldy !!!

Tamboti Female Leopard with cub - Mala Mala

Leopard cubs - Mala Mala

Leopard cubs - Mala Mala

Princess Alice Pans Male Leopard - Mala Mala

Male Cheetah - Mala Mala

Zebra drinking - Mala Mala

Buffalo resting - Mala Mala

Eyrefield lion cub - Mala Mala

Eyrefield Lioness - Mala Mala

Eyrefield Lioness and cub - Mala Mala

Eyrefield pride - Mala Mala

Cape Buffalo butting heads - Mala Mala

Styx pride Lioness - Mala Mala

Eyrefield lion cub feeding on the wildebeest - Mala Mala

Eyrefield Lioness in the sand river at night

Caracal - Big Cat Reserve

Spotted hyaena - Mala Mala

Eyrefield Lion cub running through water - Mala Mala

The Eyrefield pride in the Sand River after killing the Buffalo calf - Mala Mala

Watching the herd of buffalo - Mala Mala

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