Friday, May 13, 2011

New Lion Cub at Big Cat Reserve

The first scheduled tour of the season starts on Saturday the 14th May and I will post a trip report at the end of the safari.

Once again we have had late rains and the bush is still very green and quite thick in some areas.

Exciting news for those visiting the Big Cat Reserve as part of the Kruger plus Big Cats Photo Safari and the Lions & Leopards of Mala Mala tours later in the year, is that there is a new male Lion cub, and some exciting opportunities for flash photography.

Here are some photos from my trip to the reserve a week ago.

Enjoy and best wishes to all,

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The new Lion cub at 2 weeks old

Using the remote flash system. Two remote triggers and a Gorilla Pod are available
for hire on the safaris.

The multiple flash system I developed for the night shoot with the Leopards
This allows a flash for each photographer to be fired off camera, again making 
use of the radio remote flash triggers

Some results from the night shoot with the leopard. For this shot two flashes were
used and fired at a 45 deg angle to the subject to eliminate eye shine

Another result from the leopard night shoot
Settings were ISO 400 f8 1/250sec with the flashes powered to 1/16 and extenders used
Phottix radio remotes

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