Thursday, July 8, 2010

LIONS & Leopards Photo Safari - June / July 2010

Here are a few photos from the "Lions & Leopards of the Klaserie & Timbavati" photo safari.

Two participants also did the two night Forest Lodge extension to photograph the vultures and african reptiles.

Client photos will follow shortly :)

The 3 nights spent at the Big Cat Reserve provided great photo opportunities of Lion, Leopard and Cheetah and an excellent introduction to the trip. Photo skills and techniques were put to the test, and by the end of the 4 days everyone was ready to put their panning, night photography, flash, timelapse and manual shooting methods into practice on the second part of the safari.

The 6 nights at Gomo Gomo Lodge in the Klaserie, part of the greater Kruger Park, provided excellent and numerous Elephant & Buffalo sightings. Elephants drank every day at the waterhole right in front of the lodge where we photographed them from the comfort of our chairs. We spent time with 2 White Rhinos in lovely morning light. The Lion pride was deep in thick bush, most likely enjoying a buffalo kill but we did manage to locate one of the pride males which we spent a wonderful 2 hours with as he patrolled his territory, marked bushes and roared to locate the rest of his pride.

We had two excellent Leopard sightings, the first of which was spent with a male leopard as he tried to get a Goshawk to drop its fresh spurfowl kill, and in the end the Leopard suceeded. Whilst shooting the sunrise one morning we heard a group of Kudu giving an alarm call and our investigation found a female leopard with a fresh Impala kill. Her shy cub lurked in the back ground as she ate some of the kill before dragging it to the safety of a small drainage line.

Many thanks to the Gomo staff and to Johan our ranger and Geoff our tracker.

Apart from the great sightings on the trip I am very pleased to announce that the specialized photographic shooting platforms proved to be very succesful and we will be making use of them on all future photo trips to Gomo Gomo. See the video below.

Enjoy !
Until next time

Flapnecked Chameleon

Puff Adder

Black Mamba

Cape Vulture

White Backed Vultures

Hooded Vulture & Marabou Stork

Male Lion drinking - Big Cat Reserve

Leopards - Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah running - Big Cat Reserve

Cheetah drinking - Big Cat Reserve

Caracal - Big Cat Reserve

Porcupines - Big Cat Reserve

Hooded Vultures fighting - Big Cat Reserve

Gomo Gomo Safari Vehicle at sunset

Male Kudu jumping over road - Klaserie Reserve

Cape Buffalo - Klaserie Reserve

Photographing Elephants from Gomo Gomo Lodge

Burchells Zebra

Charging Hippo - Klaserie Reserve

Dinner at Gomo Gomo

Cape Buffalo - Klaserie Reserve

A rare African Wildcat - Klaserie Reserve

Male Impala - Klaserie Reserve

White Rhino - Klaserie Reserve

The Male Leopard trying to steal the Goshawks meal

Female Leopard with Impala Kill

One of the pride males

Male Lion yawning

Sunrise in the Klaserie

Gomo Gomo vehicle

The special photo platforms used for shooting from the Gomo Gomo Vehicle

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